Astral love

"While working on an album in 1989, out of meditatively strumming two chords over and over again, "Astral love" emerged. An attempt to record it that year failed. Two years later, while recording my best and least known album "Quanto cammino", the musicians on hand tuned in perfectly to the mood of the song. If I could play their instruments as well as they can, I would have played them the same way. Close your eyes."

Astral love 7.22 (1989)

let's close our two eyes and open the one
leave the temple by the front door
and meet the rays of the nightsun
let go fear not there's angels on guard
and all we need is with us:
the silent wisdom of the heart
a sigh a smile and upward we fall
there's no reason to be elsewhere
and gently we'll float higher still
while astral love we share

Peter van Kan : Vocals, bass, drums, acoustic guitar
Cees Leurs : Piano, synthesizer
Louis Hummel : Sax
Hans Elmers : Electric guitar

Previously released on "Quanto cammino".