Coming home

"My God, I was so fed up with all those visualisations I couldn't do, the past lives I couldn't remember, the sensations I didn't have. I left a "Mind control weekend workshop" halfway, feeling I just wanted to go home and be done with all this trying, striving and hoping. I got in the car, felt it was right to leave all that behind, and started singing out of the blue "O my Father, I am coming home".
My longing for "divine family love" mixed well with my feelings for my parents, brother and sisters. It has been a blessing and a privilege to grow up with them."

Coming home 2.46 (1988)

o my father I am coming home
I'm through with wandering alone

my mother carry me again
in your arms I'll rest my weary head
I'm coming home

my sister we shall dance again
on wings of joy our hearts will rise

o my brother we shall stand so strong
your heart and hands shall be my shield
I'm coming home

it's not that I'm unhappy
it's not that I am old
it's just that I'm so tired
of craving slaving for what I had and lost
I'm coming home

it's not that I am lonely no
it's not that I am cold
it's just that I'm so tired
of craving slaving for what I had but lost
I'm coming home

my children one day I'll be gone
I hope you'll understand what I have done

o my friends, earthly treasure, with me all along
we'll laugh and sing a brand new song
we'll meet at home
I'm coming home
we're travelling by the same road
we'll meet at home

Peter van Kan : Vocals and piano

Previously released on "Quanto cammino".
Remixed in 1996.