Om namaha shivaya

"What can I say ? This song is me. My longing, devotion, sweetness and pain is all there. The flowing rhythm is my rhythm. When the piano comes in, the steadily flowing joy just sends me flying. Listening to this track now, it's hard to believe I really did this on my own. I very much hope you can feel what I feel when I merge with the energy of this song.
The words to the first part of "Om Namaha Shivaya" come mainly from an old Indian chant, in a translation of Paramhansa Yogananda. I mixed them with words from the Bhagavad Gita, and added a few of my own.
In case you don't know this phenomenon: The high, flutelike sounds at the beginning and end of the song, are voice-overtones. They are not recorded separately. They come naturally with each tone, only now they are emphasized by a certain ancient technique combined with a meditative state of mind.
Om Namaha Shivaya means, depending on the context, something like "I find refuge in God", "everything is God", or "God's will be done". It is a very powerful mantra The end of the track doesn't have the same strength as the first part. I ran out of time and money, and had to stop recording. Well, nothing is perfect here on earth. Om Namaha Shivaya."

Om namaha shivaya 12.31 (1989)

I watch Him always
He watches me always

through the stars and the flowers
through human eyes
He never looses sight of me

my life is for the Lord
Who's untouched by desires of His world
Who's enchanting image
is beyond compare
Who is joy personified
in His face the lightning glimmers
wonderful light of this universe
and of the universe beyond phenomena

O the light of my life is He
O the light and the love and the life of my life is He

but when the evening comes
I find my refuge in Him
o when darkness falls
I find my sanctuary in Him
o when the cold wind blows
I pray He will shelter me
o when the cold wind blows I sing Namaha Shivaya
Om Namaha Shivaya


Peter van Kan : Vocals; all instruments

Previously released on "Meet my inspiration".