Heaven on earth

"It was during my first big trip abroad. After having earned my living playing the streets of Toulon that summer, I was staying in a sort of cabin in the French countryside, waiting for the "vendenge" (grape picking season) to begin.
Evening fell. The silence, the colour of the sky and the sweet pain of being alone almost forced me to pick up my guitar. And out came this song. It was written in ten minutes, and it had chords in it that I hadn't even heard of, let alone played.
When, during my second trip nine years later, I went back to the same spot, I realised that the "you" in this song wasn't some woman, but the Beloved."

Heaven on earth 2.11 (1978)

When I look at the sky and those purple clouds
and the mountains at far and the vineyards nearby
and I hear the sound of trains rolling by
and barking dogs
I just feel bound to fly
and I know
someday somewhere somehow
I'll have a place like this
heaven on earth dream come true
all I miss is you

I've got so much to say feel so much inside
well there's one blessing I got
I can play and sing
if you close your eyes
and listen well
you will see what I mean
cause you'll feel what I felt
and I knew
someday somewhere somehow
I'd write a song like this
music is all I ever knew
music and you
heaven on earth dream come true
music and you


Peter van Kan : Vocals; guitar

Recorded live 1988
Previously released on "Love and live" (1988)