Will I ever

"While writing this song, in my car somewhere in Belgium that summer, I had no idea I would be singing it as a duet with Marjan just months later. Or did I ? The long notes perfectly suit her pure voice, whereas I would have had a lot of trouble with them. It's five years later now. Marjan and I still perform together occasionally, and I'm still of the opinion that hers is one of the most beautiful voices ever heard in folk music. Watch out for her first CD."

Will I ever 5.12 (1991)

see my eyes
hear my voice
know my destiny
call me devotee

will I ever learn to listen
to the voice of (in) my own heart
will I ever find the freedom
of the meditation that never stops or starts

be my friend
in my solitude
I do long for you

will I ever learn to listen etc.

laugh and cry
live and die
thousand times I vow
to live here and now

Peter van Kan: Vocals; guitars
Marjan Cornille: Vocals; guitar

Previously released on "Talk like friends".