Going home

"For years a chord progression that I liked very much, had been waiting for words. In 1987 they came. I used to sleep in my car in a parking lot in front of the hospital, whenever I was in Florence. Although I had cancelled the rent of my house before leaving Holland; although I was in Italy and alone; I knew I was on my way home. Meaning, on my way to myself, to God, to a reunion of the person with the soul. The words came easily. This is not the usual way for me to write songs. Normally, at least some words come with the melody, so that I know what the song is about. "Going home" has been a favourite with many listeners these years. This version, even though it wasn't really finished, I like for its mellow and dreamlike atmosphere. The Leelaband was the best band I've had. Unfortunately my personal circumstances were such that I couldn't give it the time and energy it needed."

Going home 6.50 (1981 / 1987)

I'm just a little boy that's lost in the big world
hoping to go home
with not much left to say
I'm trying to find my way
my way home to you

it's not that I am old
it's not that I'm unhappy
it's just that it's high time
for I have heard your call
pretending not to hear
for almost thirty years

and oh my soul
you waited patiently
for us to reunite
like a mother and her grown up child

o yes it's getting late
I can't afford to hesitate
the only time is now
but not with empty hands
shall I stand on your doorstep
my singing is for you

and o my soul etc.

I'm going home
I'm so tired of running around
wanna come home and rest my head on your shoulder
wanna lay my head on your shoulder
just like way back in Avalon
take me back to Avalon
o how we walked through the mist
the mist of Avalon
I recall that I laid my head on your shoulder
and I knew there and then
I was home
going home

Peter van Kan : Vocals; acoustic guitar
The Leela Band:
Cees Leurs : Piano; synthesizer
Hans Feiertag : Bass
Tigran Mansour : trumpet
Karka Speelman : flute
Mischa van Hoogh : acoustic lead guitar
Arie de Bruyne : sax
Melcher Hillmann : drums

Previously released on "Such is Live".
Other versions of "Going home" were released on "Alive and Flying" and "How can I tell you ?".