Healed by Thy light

"The chantlike refrain came while driving home after a healing session. (Yes, still that same Nissan Sunny that's been my castle for almost ten years now). I felt grateful for what I had received (thank you Ria) and realised again how God works through any pure channel. This was, I believe, in 1993. Two years later, while working with Caris on "Enchanting image" in his home studio, this melody became the basis of my favourite song of that album. Thanks Caris and Lucia for a wonderful time. Talking about Caris: watch out for his CD, too. He's the best."

Healed by Thy light 6.00 (Peter van Kan/Caris Arkin 1995)

I am healed by Thy light

over it all
I see the faces of everyone
I've ever loved
but You are my heart

once in a while
when I'm feeling downhearted
I turn to You
to speak to my soul

now and again
when I'm lost in the wilderness
You come along
and answer my heart

when I look back
see the path of my journey
You were the one
right from the start

Here I stand before Your mirror and ask You
to wipe that karma off my face
I'll do all that dharma tells me
till we finally embrace

all is vanity all is vanity
except to love God

so aware of imperfection
I know I'm empty and lost without Your grace
still my silent war cry will be
words my Guru sent to me

all is vanity all is vanity
except to love God

I am healed by Thy light

o here where we are
I know You're not far from me
but all these emperors and thieves
take the spaces in-between
o and right there like out of the blue
I said wait a minute I know you
you're the one who does wonders and miracles
you're the one who said "heal thyself"

I am healed by Thy light


Peter van Kan : Vocals; guitar
Caris Arkin : Vocals; guitar; everything else; production

Previously released on "Enchanting image".