Quanto cammino

"Whenever possible, I visit the outdoor Puccini-festival held each summer near Pisa. In 1989 "Turandot" was staged. The voice of Luzetta Bizzi, who played the role of the tragic heroine Liu, went straight to my heart, especially in the aria "Signore ascolta". Three times in one week I went. Each night I cried myself to sleep in my car, realising how I too had always been "walking", trying, seeking and longing with the name of love on my lips and in my soul.
Love and beauty, which are the same to me, is what my life, my music and writing is all about. The emotional blueprint for the song was there within me from then on. It came out two years later, finding its shape while recording sessions where already taking place.
The piece of opera at the end is from Puccini's "La Boheme".
This is my most esoteric song text, I guess. One clue:"Devachan" is a word from the world of Theosophy. It's the place where souls rest between incarnations. The rest you figure out, if you like.
Now that you know me, will you speak ?"

Quanto cammino 9.51 (1989 / 1991)

... e spento il nome
quanto cammino
con tuo nome nell' anima
con tuo nome sulle labra

from the silence of the tomb
through the door
like before
where hearts are healed and fears relieved

to the safety of the womb
where your memory lingers
and little fingers
borders matter then the cruelty of birth

in the arms of my bed
with almost every thought new
with no past to review no tomorrow to come
I'd sleeplessly dream and dreamlessly sleep and
sleep and dream and sleep

I remember I remembered
that the sound of blood in my ears
was really a choir singing secrets
your secrets
like "which tree starts up the wind ?"

I never saw your face
but I felt you near
in the cheer of the crowd
in the sound of the stream
I heard your voice
I heard your song
I didn't know what was wrong
didn't know I was lost

quanto cammino

whispered promises in the night
promises and secrets
(As these are secrets, the words may not be printed here. (Just joking.))

through the fog of my misunderstanding
through the frame of my limitations
I painted the world with my expectations
and I found myself alone alone alone alone

so this is pain
a slow killer
that won't take yes for an answer
o the pain of separation
condamnation alienation

quanto cammino
with your name in my soul
quanto cammino
with your name on my lips

"truth is beauty
beauty truth
that's all you know
and all you need to know"

quanto cammino
con tuo nome nell' anima

I swore I'd change the world by way of invitation
but you smiled and reached out your hand
only in my meditation
o love
source and destination

I longed for you through female faces
I opened my heart to the magic of places
sounds and holy notions
master's eyes human cries human emotions

quanto cammino
with your name in my heart (soul)
quanto commino
with your name on my lips

I tried to change the world by way of invitation
but you smiled and reached out your hand
only in my meditation o love

quanto cammino etc.

tried so hard so hard
and now I'm tired
I'm tired
and all I want
is to see
your face
and embrace
quanto cammino

.....ma il furto non m'accora
you stole my heart
but the theft doesn't worry me
poiche v'ha preso stanza
for in its place has come
la speranza
orche mi connoscete
now that you know me
parlate voi
will you speak
de parlate chi siete
speak of who you are
will you ?
vi piace a dire ?


Peter van Kan : Vocals; drums; bass; acoustic and electric guitars; sax; synthesizer; percussion
Louis Hummel : sax solos
Tigran Mansour : trumpet
Hans Elmers : electric guitar solo
Lucetta Bizzi : first opera voice
Christa van Kan : second opera voice

Previously released on "Quanto cammino".