Nanoc tekst

Dear visitor,
Before we get to the point, allow me to get the infamous FAQ's out of the way first.

-The name ?

It doesn't really matter, does it ? Having said that: in my research days, I used to remind colleagues and students that we were talking (at) nano (level). Nickname Nano C. gradually became Nanoc. As you guessed, it's not my legal name. About which later.

- Do I think in retrospect that the 2000 Nader campaign was a mistake ?

No. The sense of unity among various groups offered an opportunity that simply had to be taken.

- Will I run for president in 2008 ? Or later ?

No and no. In 2008 I will support Hillary Clinton. Because, in spite of 'everything', the Clintons do bring some much needed heart-quality to the White House.

- Where am I ?

It is an unfortunate thing that post 9-11 legislation allows Big Brother to keep eyes and ears not just on potential terrorists, but on all people that are considered a threat to the status quo by the powers that be. Even if those people are 100% opposed to violence and would, given the choice, prefer kissing George W. Bush to kicking him.
I regret that I am now known in different places by different names and that even dear friends don't know the legal name on my credit card. It's inconvenient and unpleasant, no big deal however in the greater scheme of things.

- Where can one buy my books ?

There are none. I believe it is my duty to inspire by action. There are so many beautiful and powerful books around; let's read those.

All right, with that out of the way, let's come to the point.
(As you can see: no nice colours, beautiful graphics and pictures of smiling faces here. Again, there are thousands of websites that do have them. They allow me to keep this one simple and plain.)
There's only one issue about which I care to say anything here: The preservation of this planet. More precisely, your role in that.

Let me first describe the problem, even though all of us already know it:
Humankind is destroying the ecosystem that makes this planet habitable.

First question to ask here: is this an unstoppable process ?

Answer: No.
However, time is running out fast.

How then can we change the course we're on ?

Exactly. This is what I am here to tell you. Please read and think carefully.
The present social-political system in the globally dominant culture, democracy combined with capitalism, is inherently incapable of dealing with our planet's dire situation. This is because most people are short-term thinkers and will therefore vote into power politicians that cater to their short-term needs. Only rarely can a politician transcend the limits imposed by social, intellectual and spiritual mediocrity. (If you think I am condemning people here, please think again. This is simply the reality. Unwillingness to face it is not a virtue.)
There are two ways in which those that realise the need for drastic changes in our behaviour could make their vision dominant:
1 By educating the public; raising general awareness; by debating and convincing opponents through the sanity of arguments.
2 By acquiring power.
Seeing that time has run out for option 1, only option 2 is left.

Well then. How do ecologically minded spiritual people, aka softies (in hard circles), acquire power ? How, indeed, on earth ?
Primarily by not wasting time. Let's be realistic. We, the cultural creatives, free spiritualists, Eco Elitists, holism/green party enthusiasts, whatever one wants to call those that realise the essential oneness of all living beings, are a minority. Some say 10%, some say 15% of the population. In any case, the only way to make up for this obstacle on the path to power is to be more effective than the rest.
Perhaps you know the five principles I and my friends live by. I am deliberately not writing "try to live by". This is the whole point. The time for trying has passed. We must either do now or die soon.
Please think about these principles and practise them. They contain the essence of all spiritual teachings and schools of personal development.

1 be clean
2 introspect
3 be clear
4 be active
5 invest in yourself, save in the world

Instead of me writing books made of paper about these principles, I'd rather see each of us be a living book. Think about what attitude is required by the present situation. Meditate on these principles, practise them in your own way and make them into a storehouse of power. While others around you pursue entertainment, spend precious lifetime complaining and ruining their health, you be active and effective. Choose good work, enjoy your work, work well. Work with friends. Again: don't waste time. Be an investor, not a consumer.
I myself have been instrumental in the founding of over a dozen companies, from wind-energy to radio station, together now close to the 75.000.000 turnover mark. What I can do, you can do. The same laws govern your life; the same God is with you. Only one thousand Nanocs are needed to become a global force to be reckoned with; only ten thousand to be able to implement our vision.

Go, my peace-loving, holistic friends. Shake off your fear and timidity and dare to think the dirty word: POWER. Willingly and humbly accept the responsibility of being a leader. For, with love and sane reason, knowing we'll make mistakes, with or without the public's understanding: We must now lead.

aka Nanoc