Nanoc fragment

"You know, some of you will not want to participate in what comes next. That's OK. No hard feelings. What's not OK is letting yourself be influenced by what others do. Don't let yourself be pulled down. If you've made up your mind to remember from this evening one thing only, remember this one thing: the average pulls you down. That's not a mathematical truth, obviously. It's something to keep in mind in order to be the best you can be. The average pulls you down. Most people make the mistake to compare themselves with the average. It allows us to conclude in most cases 'Hey, I'm doing not bad at all'. Which is pleasant and comfortable of course. What we overlook is that the average is bad.

My friends, I am not here to give you information. And certainly not to entertain you. If you want to make listening to me and ... did they make you pay to hear me ?... good ... and paying some euros worth your while, you'll have to be brave and willing to work.

In a minute you'll receive a paper with some questions. You have about 20 minutes to answer them. Before that, which is now, there's room for questions. No opinions please. If you want to discuss issues I talk about, which is fine, I suggest you do that tomorrow. Don't forget, while discussing, that merely exchanging opinions is pointless. It's what politicians do and what keeps the media going. In order to arrive at growth, deepening, development, you need moments of silence. To digest, to process, to fuse. All right, any questions ?"

By this time the audience had thinned somewhat. No one had stridden out indignantly I believe, but some had slipped away quietly. A girl at the back asked a question that is barely audible on the tape. Probably she wanted to know why the average is bad. "OK, thank you. Let me give an example. Walk into any supermarket and look at the food they sell there. You'll find that perhaps 5% of it is actually healthy. Five percent, no more. So, if you go shopping and buy average food, you go home with a bag filled with products that your body is not going to be happy with. In other words, you'll be poisoning yourself. And that's not an opinion. These things can be measured, observed and assessed by various methods.

Most people are simply poisoning their bodies, and none of them like to hear that. So they will either tell themselves that this is perhaps true for others but not for them, or they will ignore or deny the fact all together. Well my friends, I don't know about you, but I don't want to put myself to sleep by comparing what I do to what most people do. Not when it comes to food, not when it comes to social behaviour, not when it comes to anything. Does that mean I think most people are stupid or bad ? Certainly not. But their choices often are, because those choices don't help them get to where they want to go. And that's what we're talking about here. Is this OK for an answer ? Are there any other questions ?"

There weren't.