Poëzie uit Zimbabwe

Vorig jaar werkte Ans Seegers, oud-yogacursiste, op een school in Zimbabwe. Ze stimuleerde haar leerlingen om zich te uiten via gedichten. Hieronder een paar resultaten.


Title: ‘LOVE’

Like a shooting star

She comes to me with a smile

Full of hope, a promise for life

The one that I was longing for all my life

One who will bear my children,

And make my mother proud,

But behind the smile and beautiful face

Lies the she-devil herself

The cheats of cheats

Mistress of deception

One who will crush my fragile heart

Play me like a bull and bring me to tears

She leaves me painless and sorrowful

Like a chewing gum she leaves me

Tasteless, I am left wondering

Where did all the good girls go

No hope, the search continues.


By Matura Simplicio

(nickname ‘The fresh’)

Man from Gokwe



Title: ‘NATURE’

Look! Watch those trees

Delighting in their new leaves and flowers

They seem to have come to life the day before


But the rain stopped at the time of harvest

Look! Observe the snake, the beetles are awakened

From the sleep of lonely night

With a new strength

The grass is greening from its old roots

I too die and arise daily by sleeping at night

And waking in the morning, yet I am still asleep

Foolishly since I can not regain

Like the leaves, the flowers, the grass

The new life which flows from the soils command

Oh!! What wonderful you are nature

No one goes against your command!


By Sukue Akayi One



Title: ‘PAIN’

You man pain

You started troubling me since I was born

Still today you don’t want to forgive me

I put all my hands up and surrender you.

Pain, you rain unto me everyday

My teachers punish me, you decide to invade me

My father threatens me, you decide to invade me

My relatives die, you decide to invade me

Oh! Pain, I put all my hands up and surrender you!

When would you leave me pain?

How, would I escape you pain?

Pain, you make my psychically and mental suffer

When, are you going to die pain?

Now, I am tired of you pain,

I put all my hands up and surrender you

By Givas Mnike Ncube

Title: ‘DEATH’

Death, oh! Death!

How terrible and cruel

Are you!

Where there are happy people

You are not happy

What kind of an animal are you?

Where you pass,

Sad faces and mourning remains

For the number of orphans is increasing

Because of you death

How uppity you are!

For when I was born

I found people talking about you

Now it is clear that

Death you are unfriendly

Death, oh! Death!

How cruel you are!




By Miss Mc Sikhonzile SK.

Title: ‘WISHES’

Each time I try to flash my mind

Back to the past events

I find it full of wishes

But how are wishes?

Wishes never come to reality at all

They take me to England when I am in Lusulu

They assign me to be president

When I am a peasant

But how are wishes

Wishes are like folktales

And never come to reality

If wishes could come to reality

How many presidents would each country have

If wishes could come to reality how many Africans

would reach Europe

But how are wishes?

Wishes are never real

If wishes could come to reality

Everyone could be rich

If wishes could come to reality

Everyone would own cars, degrees of education

All these are burdened

Because wishes are wishes

And never come to reality


By Dumisani Dumara AKA Carlos M